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    Enterprise Profile

    Founded in 2000, Hangzhou Baojing Biological Co., Ltd. is located in Tangqi Ancient Town, Hangzhou, with a registered capital of 75 million yuan. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of tartaric acid. Baojing Biology has been awarded the titles of "National Torch High-tech Enterprise", "Provincial R&D Center", "Hangzhou Innovative Pilot Enterprise", "Yuhang District Industry Leading Benchmarking Enterprise". It was listed as "Hangzhou Listing Guidance Enterprise" in 2013, as "Zhejiang Manufacturing Brand Fostering Enterprise", "Hangzhou Strategic Emerging Industries Fostering Enterprise" in 2016, and Hangzhou. Municipal "Machine Replacement" demonstration application enterprises, many times won the "Yuhang Top Ten Foreign Trade Export Enterprises". He has been commended by the municipal and district governments for many times.

    Baojing Biology is the inventor of L (+) - tartaric acid biosynthesis technology. It has many invention patents. The commercial application of this technology has broken the competitive pattern of the world tartaric acid Market and left a strong mark for China. Mr. Zhang Jianguo, the founder of Baojing Company, is called "Mr. Tartaric Acid of China" by the industry.

    In 2016, Baojing Biology invested a huge amount of money to build 25,000 tons of food-grade tartaric acid plant in accordance with GMP standard. The production process adopts highly automated closed pipeline, with ultra-low emission. It is the most advanced production line of tartaric acid in the world. Advanced production technology and equipment, so that the company's production capacity and quality have been greatly improved, and further enhance the company's core competitiveness.

    The rapid development of Baojing Biology is inseparable from scientific research and innovation. The company pays attention to the introduction and training of scientific and technological input and professional talents, and strengthens the combination of production, learning and research. Jointly established with Zhejiang University and recognized by the state as a provincial R&D center, the center gathers a group of outstanding scientific and technological personnel, such as professors, postdoctoral and postgraduate students, who are the backbone of the company's technological innovation and industrial upgrading. The scientific research team focuses on microbial synthesis, enzyme engineering, process optimization, chemical synthesis and separation, energy saving and emission reduction, process enlargement and other fields to carry out research and development work, which has brought significant economic and social benefits for the company.

    The application of tartaric acid covers building materials, food and pharmaceutical industries, and most of L(+) - tartaric acid produced by Baojing Biology is exported to Europe, America, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions, and is favored and praised by many well-known foreign companies. Baojing BIOKING has become a well-known professional manufacturer of tartaric acid in the world, and "Baojing BIOKING" is also the preferred brand for customers.

    In 2004, Baojing Biology actively responded to the EU's anti-dumping of tartaric acid against China. After unremitting efforts, Baojing Biology eventually won the "zero tax rate" and became the only tartaric acid export enterprise in China to the EU with the "zero tax rate". In 2012 and 2016, Baojing Biology won the anti-dumping case again. It is an example for Chinese manufacturing enterprises to win a fair position in world trade, and has been commended by provincial, municipal and district commercial departments.

    Baojing Biology adheres to the value of "innovation as the source, honesty as the foundation, responsibility as the first and excellence as the goal". It takes "innovating biotechnology, creating ecological manufacturing, and creating a better life" as its responsibility, constantly forges ahead, innovates and develops, provides better products and services for global customers, and makes its due contribution to green and sustainable development.


    Leadership Style

    Zhang Jianguo

    Founder and Chairman of Baojing Biology
    Zhang Jianguo, the founder of Baojing Company, worked in Zhejiang University and was the inventor of biotechnological production of L(+) - tartaric acid. Since 1986, Mr. Zhang Jianguo has been engaged in the preparation of L(+)-tartaric acid by biotransformation. In 1991, he first applied this technology to industry. In 1998, the technology of producing L(+)-tartaric acid by immobilized microbial cells developed by him was successful in industry, which made L(+)-tartaric acid made in China enter the international market. His R&D team has published many papers and obtained many authorized invention patents. In 2008 and 2009, the "Biological Reaction and Separation Coupling Technology" which he chaired won the first prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology and the first prize of Science and Technology of Ministry of Education. His leading research has earned him the title of "Mr. Tartaric Acid of China". Under his leadership, Baojing Biology is moving towards an international excellent enterprise driven by scientific and technological innovation. "Creation comes from the practice of wisdom and is also the value of human beings."

    Yu Xiao Ping

    Deputy General Manager (in charge of production)

    Zhang Sheng

    Deputy General Manager (in charge of procurement and logistics)

    Sun Wei Rong

    Assistant General Manager and Chief of Office

    Chemical engineers and senior technicians of chemical technology. In 2004, we joined Baojing Biology, from grass-roots management to deputy general manager in charge of production and technology. Every step has gone steadily and steadily. Baojing's leadership and efforts are indispensable for every technological transformation and product quality improvement. Solid professional knowledge and rich management experience earned him the title of "Tangqi Craftsman".
    "The perfection of craftsmanship comes from the endless pursuit; we create every day, and we are moved by our creation."
    Since the establishment of the company, Zhang Sheng has been accompanying the growth of the company. Long-term engaged in financial, procurement, warehousing, logistics, environmental protection management, with rich management experience and combat capacity. Has been responsible for enterprise information transformation, ERP development and implementation, environmental protection project transformation, automatic three-dimensional warehouse and sewage automation transformation projects. It has rich practical experience and unique understanding in enterprise informatization, automation and environmental protection governance. He also served as Vice President of the Association of Professional Managers in Yuhang District of Hangzhou City, the first batch of appraisal experts of industrialization and informatization projects in Yuhang District of Hangzhou City, and NLP certified coaches.
    "Goals determine action, behaviour shows attitudes, mutual trust improves efficiency, unity has strength, and it is a responsibility. Always strive every day around organizational goals.
    Undergraduate, engineer, technician. Since 1985, successive technicians, workshop directors, assistants to factory directors, deputy factory directors and assistants to general managers have participated in more than ten major national and provincial R&D projects, such as the National Key New Products, Torch Plan and 863. They have won the honors of first-class prizes for excellent new products and new technologies in the city and excellent Communist Party members at the grass-roots level.
    "Professional people do professional things, knowledge learning and experience sublimation make you become professional people."


    Enterprise Culture

    Interpretation of VI
    BIOKING is a trademark registered by the National Trademark Office. BIO is the abbreviation of the English word "biology". KING represents Baojing's vision of becoming a leader in the biological industry. The letter "O" is composed of red and green from top to bottom. Red indicates that Baojing's products are related to red wine. It symbolizes the life value of "warm, passionate and innovative". Green represents the concept and social responsibility of "green manufacturing, ecological environmental protection and sustainable development" of enterprises.
    Innovation as the Source, Honesty as the Foundation < br/> Responsibility First, Excellence as the Purpose
    Innovating Biotechnology, Creating Eco-manufacturing, Creating a Better Life
    Biotechnology Pioneer
    Let every crystal shine with wisdom


    Development History


    25,000 tons of food-grade tartaric acid production line put into operation, opening a new chapter in Baojing


    Third victory in EU anti-dumping case with zero tax rate;

    The company's modern new office buildings and factory buildings have been completed.


    Construction of New Factory of the Company


    The turnover exceeded 300 million yuan.

    Baojing is transformed from a limited company into a limited company.


    Second victory in EU anti-dumping case with zero tax rate;


    Turnover exceeded 200 million;


    The production method of L(+) - tartaric acid has been authorized by the state invention patent.

    Reaction and coupling technology is included in the National Torch Plan.

    The company has been listed as a key benchmarking enterprise in Yuhang District.


    Baojing R&D center is listed as the provincial key R&D center.

    Response and coupling technology won the first prize of science and technology of the Ministry of Education.


    L(+) - tartaric acid obtained high-tech products of the province;

    Response and coupling technology won the first prize of science and technology in Zhejiang Province.

    L(+) - tartaric acid is listed in the national key new products.


    The turnover exceeded 100 million yuan.


    To win the anti-dumping case with zero tax rate;

    Products are exported directly to famous food enterprises in Europe.


    For the first time, he participated in the EU anti-dumping case against tartaric acid in China.


    The production of L (+) - tartaric acid biocatalyst was transferred to L (+) - tartaric acid production and exported to Europe.


    Hangzhou Baojing Biological Co., Ltd. was established.


    Mr. Zhang Jianguo successfully industrialized the technology of L(+) - tartaric acid production by microbial transformation, and pioneered the chiral tartaric acid industry in China.

  • 2016

    Industry Yuhang Contribution Award - Top Ten Foreign Trade Export Enterprises

    Hangzhou "Machine Replacement" Demonstration and Application Enterprise

  • 2015

    First Prize of Tax Payment for Industrial Enterprises in Tangqi Town

    Tangqi Town Annual Industrial Enterprise Park Promotion and Renovation Award

  • 2014

    Mr. Zhang Jianguo, Chairman of the Board of Directors, was rated as an outstanding small and medium-sized enterprise in Hangzhou.

    Advanced Unit of Annual Talent Work in Tangqi Town

  • 2013

    Hangzhou's Most Growing Small and Medium-sized Industrial Enterprises

    "Production of D-tartaric acid by coupling transformation and isolation of recombinant bacteria" is listed as a national torch project.

    Tangqi ranks first in annual industrial output

    Enterprise Credit Rating AAA

  • 2012

    Key High-tech Enterprises of the National Torch Plan

    Zhejiang Province Import and Export Quality Honest Enterprise

  • 2011

    Hangzhou Top 100 Foreign Trade Import and Export Enterprises

    Class A Enterprise of Pre-poisoning Chemicals in Hangzhou

  • 2010

    L(+) - Tartaric acid production method obtained national invention patent authorization

    Reaction and Coupling Technology Included in the National Torch Plan

    The company is listed as a key benchmarking enterprise in Yuhang District

  • 2009

    Baojing R&D Center is listed as the provincial key R&D Center

    Response and Coupling Technology won the First Prize of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Education

    Mr. Zhang Jianguo, Chairman of the Board of Directors, was awarded the First Outstanding Talents Award of Yuhang District and the title of Excellent Scientific and Technological Worker of Hangzhou City.

  • 2008

    L(+) - Tartaric acid to obtain provincial high-tech products

    Response and Coupling Technology won the First Prize of Science and Technology in Zhejiang Province

    L(+)-tartaric acid is listed as a national key new product

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